Tuesday, November 10, 2009

"Launching the new website"

Man!!! Phew!!! Goodness!!! Gracious!!! Laaaaaawdy!

There are times when something just grips you completely by the throat chakra and won't let go until you see it through! Today was one of those days! It's just before midnight and Kaz and I have been at it all day ... with some help from our consultant team, Twinbear Management, to get this website launched!!! Tomorrow is the day (in 3 minutes).

We're super excited. Made some great additions today like twitter feeds, community events pages, free MP3 downloads ... fixed one blunder (do NOT autostart the music player ... people in offices where they're not supposed to be looking at music websites get in trouble when the music blares loud!)

So I'm gonna cut it off and get some sleep!!! Big day tomorrow. The band performs with Neale Donald Walsch in the morning in Miami ... and it's a Baha'i celebration at night in Ft Lauderdale ... 2 minutes to 11.11.2009 ...

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