Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"Loving What Is … Byron Katie & HERE II HERE"

Tonight was just awesome. We performed tonight with Byron Katie at her "School for The Work" in Los Angeles. We actually diverted our tour in San Francisco (where we were headed farther north) to come to LA yesterday, Monday, to create this experience for ourselves and Katie and the 300 people from all over the world attending her School. Tomorrow, we head straight back to San Francisco for shows this weekend. We did it because we love Katie and her work ( … and because we knew the people there would just eat up HERE II HERE, like a magically organic sugar-free slurpee on a hot day.

I was able to speak with Katie briefly before the performance; she gave me a big hug in the hallway, happy to see HERE II HERE again (we performed at her Miami School in 2008).

Katie's "School" is 9 days of intensive "work" … on thoughts. These folks are going through a rigorous experience learning to identify all the thoughts and stories that cause them stress, question those thoughts and stories, and then enjoy the freedom and joy that come after genuine inquiry. Tonight, after about 5 days into it, they had no idea what was coming for them.

Katie had been talking excitedly to the staff about our visit, some of whom knew about us already, but her participants were completely unaware. She wanted it to be a surprise for all 300 of them.

While I was winding my way through the gathering crowd at the door before the show, one guy asked me if this was going to be a "sit down and listen" or a "get up and participate" experience. I simply told him that life would show him the way.

I was honored to introduce the band to Katie's School. Some in the audience already heard about us or had seen us perform before. That was super cool. But for most, complete surprise.

I watched them begin. The first notes to Plankton … mysterious … gentle, but deeply compelling … I watched the audience … soft faces .. open … hopeful … I kept watching. I always do. I always watch the audience faces. I love to project my story on whether they're enjoying it or not … the story of not, so sweetly uncomfortable! the story of yes, deep penetrating satisfaction … so I watched … … soft curious faces turned soon to piqued interest … then genuine wonder … appreciation and gratitude … … triumphed into ecstasy!!!!

They all howled at the jamming' new song, "Nobody is a Victim Here" … they cried at Your Dreams and Lejos de la Nada. Edwin!!! Boy you can PLAY that guitar!!!! They cringed a bit at the darker song "In Thought" (inspired by Katie's work), they absolutely thrilled at Besitos Chiquiticos …

And they flew at HOLY.

They always fly at HOLY.

After the show, the hugs and teary declarations of profound gratitude and loyalty to the HERE II HERE cause ... the faces floating in perfect astonished bliss … which NEVER gets old; it's wonderful when they actually hug the manager, too … don't forget to hug the manager of your favorite band; most likely he works a lot more than the artists do to actually set up the show! I definitely enjoy the hugs … gifts of intimacy, physical heart-to-heart contact. They're appreciated, being so far from my momma.

Tonight, one lady confessed to me that she had created a story about me before the night really began: she saw some strange guy (me) wandering around the Katie crowd trying to fit in, and so he must be thinking there's gonna be food in the ballroom and clearly I was there to crash the party to sneak away a plate. She must have pitied me. She laughed later when she saw me introduce HERE II HERE. And it was wonderful how she shared with me her story about me. That's what Katie's "The Work" is about. Seeing through the silly stories and powerfully breaking their debilitating control over us. This lady thought I was a conniving "Workshop Banquet Crasher". I love the honesty!

… do I really look that hungry???

Byron Katie rocks. Check out her work at

Click pic to Download "HOLY" ... FREE (no email or anything required)

(p.s. I did eat a plate of their ridiculously tasty organic food, so she wasn't completely off)

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