Saturday, May 29, 2010

"Imagining the unimagined ... bringing possibility down to Earth"

Our adorable Durango Tour Vehicle, parked beside a 4-ft bonsai tree ..... just kidding.

We did something crazy powerful the other night while driving 8 hours from San Francisco to Ojai, CA. .... no, we didn’t lift a car off a trapped goat. This was even more powerful.

We’ve been talking for over a year about getting a proper Tour Bus ( ... or rather MANIFESTING one ... allowing it in, rather than “working to get it”. We’ve envisioned what it would be like to actually BE inside it; we’ve meditated on it; made songs about it; I’ve spoken about it to audiences at our concerts; we’ve brainstormed different ways of raising the money to make having-it happen; we’ve even said “AND SO IT IS!” with great enthusiasm! ..... and until this moment, we’re still riding around the country in an SUV sardine-can.

Classic potential moment for “Law of Attraction Letdown”.

But we’re not so easily deterred. Especially since we realize this is not about actually getting the thing desired anyway. It’s about expanding the mind’s capacity to take in more liberating, joyous possibilities; about moving into the state of gratitude, truly loving and enjoying life as it shows up right now in THIS MOMENT regardless of what is ... even enjoying the fleshy twisted pretzel I fold myself into so that I can fit in the Durango’s backseat (and make no mistake, we ARE deeply grateful for all it's done for us) ... and from that open-hearted space, consciously co-creating something beautiful with life in the next moment ... and the next ... and the next ...

Yesterday morning, I had been looking at used tour buses online ( with Curtis, our beloved Carole King guy. As I looked at the prices - everything from $50,000 to $500,000 - I noticed the skeptical part of my mind pre-convinced by the obvious reasons why “getting” our tour bus would be difficult.

So the other night, while driving all folded up in our Durango SUV, my knees achingly bent for hours against Jaime’s backseat headrest just inches from his clean-shaven head, we did something a bit different. I told the guys, my brain wants to hear lots of ways this tour bus might actually show up in our midst. Put aside for a moment all that wonderful abstract poetry about life’s infinite possibilities. Let’s BE in this tiny Durango, since we are, and bring the tour bus possibility down to earth by brainstorming all the ways life might ALREADY BE CONSPIRING to bring us the tour bus experience ... and within the next month.

So we did. We went around our 6-person vortex, each conjuring up “realistic” possibilities around all that life could do to bring us a tour bus. Some examples:

** We meet a woman at the concert tomorrow night, who made billions off the dot com bubble, who’s finally tiring of the partying, jetsetting, consumerist lifestyle. Something pops in her brain during ‘YOUR DREAMS’ and a vision rushes into her head that compels her to partner with us in taking HERE II HERE to the world stage. And she’s crazy rich.

** An HIIH fan and skilled fund-raiser, from a deep conviction to support the HERE II HERE experience, runs a campaign called “10 Days 100 Donations $1000 Dollars” ... he raises $100,000 in 10 days for the bus purchase.

** A national touring artist we meet this weekend just got pregnant (by her drummer, of course) and wants to take 2-years off. She decides to lend us her tour bus for 2 years. We just gotta pay for maintenance.

** Avatar Director James Cameron hears our music in a moment of distress, is powerfully uplifted and transformed by the experience, calls and says he wants to pay us $1 million to write the theme song for the Avatar sequel.

** The CEO of Prevost Tour Bus Company is right now watching our youtube videos with his family. He is so deeply touched when the 3rd, 4th & 5th words his 18-month old boy says are “I Am Holy” (first and second being “mommy” & “daddy” of course) ... that he donates a custom-made tour bus, complete with ice-cream maker, recording studio, hot tub, and massage table (who’s coming?!?!!)

There were loads more! ... Although I can’t know if it will “work” - in the sense that we’ll actually get a tour bus anytime soon - it’s not really about “working”, anyway. At the deepest level, we don’t do this to actually get the thing we want. We do it to bring joy back into our hearts. To focus on gratitude and fall back in love with life as it is RIGHT NOW.

We’re hurtling through space on a floating rock, for goodness sakes! We don’t even know where we are! Who really knows what’s going on!!! Is it really that important if we get a tour bus or not?!?

Paraphrasing what Alex said at the end, “I feel like a child right now, looking out at the world with sincere eyes seeing nothing but wonder and possibility! I already knew that nothing was truly impossible ... but after what we just did, I really get that in my body and not just as an intellectual concept. That S#!T was amazing!!!!”

And that state of being is priceless. More so than simply “having a tour bus”.

Envisioning real possibilities humbled my skeptical brain. I saw the infinite ways by which life tangibly conspires to support our dreams ... and most of those possibilities didn’t even require me to actually DO anything other than remain open ... and keep moving towards the dream. Life just took care of the rest.


  1. I affirm the tour bus is yours.

  2. I LOVE That you all did this!!!! Stasia (my sister/beeswax partner/friend and I have been doing something similar for a couple years. When we write an email to each other, we end it with a paragraph in italics and a different color that says stuff like, "We are selling our amazing chocolate in venues all around the world... (and then we talk about the exciting things and fun things that happen as a result of that)" Or, "Our awesome new home is so beautiful!!! It was awesome sitting in the hot tub last night! I love the hammock in the back yard, and climbing that tree was so great during the full moon last week!!"
    And all kinds of other things like that. It is so fun and childlike to imagine and write "As if" Stuff.
    I SO LOVE your twist on the idea by picturing how it comes to you!!! Isn't it the most fun EVER!!!
    Thank you for sharing this men! I love you!!! :)

  3. Well, you already know "Your Dreams" is very meaningful to me and the first time I sat to hear it live...very healing. And I told you I left that first concert telling the hub "When we win the lotto, I'm gonna buy them a bus." Okay, so, not "crazy rich" yet but working on it. :) Also working on "manifesting" anyOne to BEAT me to that Dream! :)