Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"Taking the Evolutionary Leap ... to California!"

We are now in the midst of making the most significant leap of our career, at least since the initial individual leaps we each had to take to even get the Here II Here / Inner Voice project going.

This is it. We’re now living in Los Angeles. 7 of us squished cozy into a little home near the airport. I’m sleeping on an air mattress at the foot of a Queen bed two of the guys are sharing. My head rests up against the back of the wooden chair that slides into my small work desk. Kaz is in the adjoining small room, his air mattress up taking up almost half of our make-shift recording studio where we’re now spending time recording and mixing some amazing new songs. Edwin and his wife Lisbeth get the last room, and Jaime sleeps cozy in a corner of the living room, his feet sticking out just under the wall-mounted TV screen.

My running joke these days is that I have 5 husbands. We go most places together, shop for food together, hang out at the home together, work together, do laundry together, even sleep together. I joke that if any of us single ones ever dates, the other 5 will need to chaperone in the back of the truck (Kaz doesn’t seem to enjoy that whole “5 husband” joke so much).

We’ve just got one car - our tour truck, who I secretly call “Scooby” - for the 6 of us to get around in, though Edwin/Lisbeth also have a car.

This is what “going for it” looks like for us right now. We were gifted this house for a few months by a friend we met a few years ago while touring through LA. I don’t know how else we’d be making our way out here without his amazing support. We don’t make enough money yet to actually rent a home that would would comfortably fit us all.

So we’re here in California. 10 months after leaving for Miami for what we thought would be maybe 5 months. We’re here and wanting to stay. Meeting beautiful people. Recording new music. Touring on occasion up to the San Francisco Bay area, down to San Diego, over to Phoenix. In Miami, we were a full day’s drive to the next nearest major city, Atlanta. Now, from LA, we can drive 6 hours and be in multiple major markets and countless cities in between ... and people out here absolutely LOVE what HERE II HERE brings.

We’ve toured the East Coast; and lived and performed there for years. Since we’ve come out to the West Coast, I’m experiencing a richness, a thick density of conscious communities and people who are genuinely committed to ushering in on this planet a new reality of openness, creativity, joy and awareness of our own divine nature, that I encounter rather sporadically on the East Coast.

So for now this is where we’ve got to be. We all know it. We feel it. Anyway, it is where we are! It feels right, even if it’s bit cozy at home.

When you really “Go For It!”, life will probably take you down a rather peculiar path. It’s certainly the road less traveled! Sometimes it has you unable to afford rent for your own space, sleeping on an air mattress your mom bought you for seemingly endless months at the foot of a bed two other friends are sharing. Of course, life takes odd paths whether you go for it or not ... even if you just sit at home and watch reruns all your life.

Anyway, this cozy band home experience has a certain charm. After all, this is the adventure! The journey!!! Six men following a shared dream, walking the path of the waking journey to realize that dream, knowing there are no guarantees, yet thoroughly enjoying the adventure of it all, nonetheless.

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