Thursday, December 8, 2011

"Why we're giving away our music Free, when many of you recently paid for it"

Today, we are announcing that Here II Here's entire Digital Music Collection is now FREE.

This message is for those who already paid for these albums.


Actually, this is for all the fans who supported Here II Here financially in the past few years, when the 5 guys and I toured to over 33 states, performing over 200 concerts, with no financial support other than yours.

Although the band did not speak to this in their final email to you a few weeks ago, I believe you deserve the insight, because when we asked for your help, you gave it with enthusiasm, every time. I understand why some of you would be confused that we would ask for your help funding a new album, and then the band would call the whole thing off a just few months later. Well, that last part took even us by surprise.

But here's a fuller version of "the story" for you.

After 14-years together, although the band had their best year ever in 2010 in terms of income, performances, CD sales, exposure, and getting to meet so many of you, the financial strain of "being a musician" just finally caught up to them.

In 2010, after spending 10 months essentially living in an SUV truck on the road, bringing their music to your communities, each band member made only about $16,000 for the entire year ... and that was their best year ever in 14 years (and 4 years after I started managing them).

It just seems a timeless reality of the music business that the vast majority of serious bands must "pay their dues" before real success kicks in. And that's what Here II Here has been doing for 14 years.

These last few years they have been paying their dues in the midst of the worst financial crisis our generation has seen. In addition, the music industry has been in a chaotic era of revolution. CD sales are tanking, record labels are re-organizing, the rise of digital and a culture of "free" content are creating new rules; it's the Wild West in Music right now. Only bands creative enough to adapt and find innovative ways to connect with their audiences can survive.

We were certainly making our way ... but one of the guys just finally ran completely out of fuel; he filed personal bankruptcy, and that one thing led to another.

Please be clear that Here II Here's 2nd album, "Always Here", recorded winter-to-summer in 2011, would simply NOT have been completed without your pre-sale / fundraiser contributions.

Because of your contributions, the world now has songs like "Nobody is a Victim Here", "Love Approves", and "Wings" to support its awakening.

Truly, it is only because of a million miracles that Here II Here made it as far as they did. I know, because I saw it. Who knows what would have happened had they decided to continue? We had been building momentum, having our best year ever in 2010, big things looming on the horizon, moving to LA; honestly, it was tough for me as their manager to watch them decide this.

But I understand many of the dynamics that led them to this decision, and it wasn't all about money, either. Even among these 5 brilliant like-minded artists, there were creative differences that were never resolved. This (and more) played into their decision to part ways.

Now, I'm excited that Ashley is carrying the torch of Here II Here's inspired music legacy in launching his new solo career. I also know that Alex is once again writing music and expressing his creative muse; the other guys are finding their way, too.

So why are we giving away the music free now?

1) The band is not performing publicly anymore, so the new album has lost its best promotional tool - live concerts. This is how new fans discover the music. And that's not happening.

2) We want everyone to have access to this incredible, uplifting and transformational music so it can continue serving the planet, regardless of the band's activities.

3) People can actually donate whatever they want when they download the album. I certainly encourage this, knowing it genuinely helps the guys as they transition into their new adventures.

4) The Physical CDs aren't free; it costs to make and ship 'em, though we're announcing some great last-minute holiday sales.

5) It's the holidays. We're no grinches!!

So that's it really. I just want to be sure those of you who paid for the music in the past know it matters that you paid for it. It made a difference then, in funding the recordings, food, gas, studio rent, etc. It makes a difference today, because many others can now - and into the future - experience these amazing songs.

Here II Here never got financially rich off their music. Far from it. I am working to get their new songs placed in Film and TV, so who knows? Hopefully these guys will eventually be financially rewarded for their truly heart-centered, artistic brilliance.

No matter what happens, I can tell you that the journey we shared, and the experience of seeing your beautiful faces over and over again light up brilliant in the presence of this inspired music - these amazing men - is worth an immeasurable fortune. Every moment priceless. Doesn't matter what happened to our bank accounts.

I am so grateful for the role YOU played in supporting these 5 amazing artists and this whole adventure, whether with your money, your dinners, your hugs, massaging the managers shoulders after concerts, or simply just your listening.

Gratitude Gratitude Gratitude!

Bryan Reeves
Manager, Here II Here

p.s. As their biggest fan, I have no shame in asking you again to help support them. If you are moved to tithe / donate in support of their gifts to the planet, please go to You really make a difference.

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  1. Well thanks for the explanation Bryan, although I do understand how the entertainment industry works..I am glad I helped in getting the music out there with my donation... may I ask you for some help?
    It doesnt even have to be financially although the Charity I am drumming up support for would appreciate it.
    I would like to put together a bellydance exercise video and would like some minor help. Even if its just in the way of borrowed people/equipment to tape it. Or even a producer, what level are you involved in with production?
    Please let me know...
    by the way, the following is the walk I am involved in, and although I know I wont be able to get the 130. back I donated to your cause..maybe even 20 bucks or so to this?
    Sandra Weeks
    see below...
    both are for the AFSP Out of the Darkness walk for suicide prevention. Even if you cant walk it with me, you can virtually walk it!

  2. I was moved to read your heartfelt words about my beloveds and your sharing of your/their hopes and plans for the future. Thank you, Bryan! Live long and prosper.

  3. Bryan, this letter has helped me tremendously in my understanding and processing of the sudden(to me)news of the break-up. I have been grieving every time I think about HIIH. It is very thoughtful of you to address the possible feelings of some of the big fans and to directly address the money issue. I don't want to be petty about money - it's one of the main issues I'm working on in my spiritual growth, and I want to always give generously and without specific expectations. But I'll admit that the smaller part of me was wondering if I had wasted my money. The bigger part of me knows that the money I gave was important to support these amazing musicians and to get more of their music "documented" and available for others to enjoy, and that has not changed even if they are no longer playing together.

    Thank you so much for your heartfelt explanation and for the respect and connection that you show to the folks who loved Here II Here. I feel better knowing that they stopped mostly because of finances and not wondering if those bundles of love and talent were fighting behind the scenes. And I feel better knowing why you are putting the music out there for free. As someone who really had to scrape to donate, I want to express my total support for the decision to make the music available to everyone (who has a computer) and I know many listeners will be moved to make a donation.

    Love and Peace,
    Lisa at Unity of Walnut Creek, CA

  4. Such a painful decision, but lots are making the same type of choices. Best to all in their journal.

    One question, I did purchase the albums, but cannot figure out how to download the digital since it asks me to purchase every time. A little assistance?

  5. "I am so grateful for the role YOU played in supporting these 5 amazing artists and this whole adventure"

    and we are grateful for the support you have contributed as well.

  6. sandhya, looks like you got back exactly the $130!

  7. Thanks everyone for your comments and well wishes.