Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Video ~ My Interview on Cool Change Radio

On  Monday, I gave a live video interview about how I came to the Transformational Entertainment world, sharing my personal spiritual challenges as a Captain in the US Air Force, my life leading up to "Managing The Magic" with conscious music band Here II Here, working with the brilliant teacher/artist/songwriter/performer/laugher-extraordinaire, Ash Ruiz, joining GATE (Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment) and working alongside Don Miguel Ruiz, Marianne Williamson, Byron Katie, actor Jim Carey, Eckhart Tolle ... and more, with Cool Change Radio host, Bradley Quick ( There's a few commercials (Bradley's gotta keep juice flowing to the mic somehow). But I ironed my sexiest t-shirt for this interview, so please enjoy (I don't iron often).

I'd love to hear from you in the comments below. I read everything.

Watch live streaming video from coolchange at


  1. wow. hi bryan, i just started reading the daily love regularly a couple months ago and this is only the second contribution i've caught by you. the first one was the one on how others are a mirror for you. i think i have thought about that everyday since. and those i have shared it to, keep wanting to discuss it. your writing has been a teacher for me. thank you. just noticed that you have a blog here. yah! this entry. i just cannot express how much i understand. yes. and amen. and yes! i love that. no-thing-ness. exactly. would love to chat with you sometime. you speak my language, yo. let's talk. i'm jessie12980 on skype.

    1. Hi Jessie ... appreciate the shout out. I love that these challenging ideas are streaming into your awareness ... and especially that you're questioning them and looking for yourself to see what's true for you. Tell me a little more about you first. What in particular are you interested in talking about? And who are you? Answer that anyway you like ... thank you! Bryan