Friday, September 7, 2012

An Epic Journey: Burning Man

[Dust-storm Self-Portrait at Burning Man]

I’m back.

T’was an epic 1400-mile, 8-day journey to the remote northern Nevada desert, where more than 60,000 of humanity’s most imaginative, creative, inspired beings gathered for the great experiment that is Burning Man: radical inclusion, radical self-reliance, radical self-expression, participation, gifting, civic responsibility ... and no complaining about dust, heat or gag-inducing porta-potties.

After failing to get tickets during the great 2012 ticket sellout, I was miraculously invited to attend the most exhilarating exhibition of collective human imagination on the planet in June by Burning Man founder himself, Larry Harvey. 

You see, inspired by the ticket sellout and its troublesome consequences for the Burning Man community, I produced a Music Video for artist Ash Ruiz’s original song “Burn (One Love)”, directed by Elevate Films, with the intention of inspiring people to take the inspirited Burning Man ethos out into the world beyond the desert. I knew that was Burning Man’s ultimate intention, anyway, to bring its principles of inclusion, expression, and true sustainable living into our “default world”. 

When Larry saw the video (just below), he was so deeply moved that he asked his longtime Burning Man founding partner, Maid Marian, to reach out to Ash and I and invite us to attend.

I had the great honor to meet Larry and Marian last week at their “First Camp”. We spoke about the inspired creation of the music video, their increasingly global vision for Burning Man, and I’m pretty sure I drank Larry's plastic cup of Absinthe.

I also took managed to take some ridiculously stunning pictures.

Rather than labor to write my way through this - I simply don't think I have the literary talent to describe Burning Man - just enjoy some of my photos. 

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Me, Ash, and Parashakti (founder of "Dance of Liberation")
with Uncle Larry

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