Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"Here II Here on Sabbatical? ... What's that mean?"

No, Here II Here is not breaking up.

In fact, as long as Alex, Ash, Jaime, Kaz and Edwin still live on this planet, Here II Here will be available to do its thing when clearly called to do so.

But it's time for Here II Here (manager included) to take a real break; the kind that doesn't even involve talking about when we'll get back together.

Here II Here does have some potentially career-changing LA-area performances lined up for this October, if they want them. As their manager - and this is one of the more fun aspects of "managing the magic" for me - it's my job to do that fascinating, artful dance of honoring and even nurturing future possibilities while simultaneously acknowledging the needs of this moment, even as this moment offers little or no obvious support to those delicious future possibilities. I've experienced this before with Here II Here - performing at Burning Man, at Harmony Festival, at Agape Int'l and other situations - where I had to plan "as if it would happen" with no obvious proof in that moment that it would. Ultimately that approach - planning "as if" - in fact contributed to it actually happening. Had I rejected the future possibility given the "evident realities" of the moment, that future would not have happened, when in fact it did.

Trippy stuff.

Anyway, Here II Here is NOT breaking up.

We're just taking a well deserved "sabbatical". We even labored over what word to use, knowing in our collective heart the adventure does not feel complete. A sabbatical is simply a rest from work - a hiatus - lasting 2 months to a year.

So, after 2 years on the road ... since our Debut album release party on Summer Solstice June 21, 2009 in Miami, FL ... touring the entire USA & Canada almost incessantly. Relocating to Los Angeles from Miami, FL. Alex away from his 3 kids and wife for most of that time. All 6 of us practically living in a Durango SUV and as guests in people's homes, sleeping on air mattresses, irregular diets, constantly on the move, 6 of us sharing 1 vehicle ... it's time for a 2month to 1-year maybe-longer maybe-shorter sabbatical! Yay!

I especially haven't had a real break - you know, where I'm not actually planning for the next round of performances - in years; not since I spent 7 days on a remote mountain in Chile in January 2009.

I'm excited to see where this sabbatical takes me.

For the next few weeks, before the sabbatical really begins, Here II Here is finishing mixing their 2nd Full-length Album, "Always Here" ... which is just coming out deliiiiicious!! Normally, when you release an album, you tour to support it. But this is first a gift to our current fans. And they / you are going to LOVE this new HIIH music experience.

Now, it's time to close this chapter ... for the Here II Here caterpillar to cocoon.

When a caterpillar cocoons, inside the chrysalis that ultimately shuts it down for the duration of its transformation, tiny cells called “imaginal cells” begin to appear. "These cells are wholly different from caterpillar cells, carrying different information, vibrating to a different frequency–the frequency of the emerging butterfly."

Here II Here, by sheer and simple direction of Universal will, is going into its chrysalis. ... oh what wondrous surprises will these HIIH Imaginal Cells conjur for our planet to enjoy!??!

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