Thursday, June 23, 2011

"You can't know how your actions affect others"

As we're moving into the sabbatical, I still find band-related work to do ... of course. After all, we are still releasing a new album in a month!

But I'm finding more time to spend how I wish (well, I'm always doing that). I've been heading back to Manhattan Beach to hold the "You're Perfect" sign. It's just the best meditation I've ever given myself!

Once again, it's fascinating to watch the world show up in all kinds of ways ... from the delightful - families stopping to take their picture with me/the sign, young teens laughing and inspired, talking about doing it themselves ... to the awkward - people working so hard to pretend they don't see me, especially as they wait nervously for the green crosswalk light-man to give them crossing approval, their heads just 12 inches from my blaring black and white sign.

Today, though, someone, a new friend perhaps, drove by the sign and kept driving. A few minutes later, halfway home, she turned the car around to come back and speak with me. I was literally 15 seconds from leaving for the day when she found me.

She shared with me how she'd awoken into a difficult day that morning, and that she actually prayed for something to help her through. Had she not turned around and come back to tell me, I would have never known that seeing the sign "You're Perfect" completely shifted her experience and gave her the lift she had been praying for.

How many other people are similarly, deeply moved by coming across this sign, simply held in place by an otherwise invisible human being ... people that I have even no awareness of??

The Moral: If it inspires you, put it out there. No matter how many people ignore you or think you crazy (or worse), you just can't possibly know how it might change the entire Universe.

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  1. We should feel so lucky to change even 1 person's life for the better-yes? Every day HereIIHere -as a group or as individuals-makes someone's day brighter, changes someone's mind for the better, opens someone's heart that was closed...all involved are so lucky. I know you are taking a break from the tour grind, but know that you all will continue on the same beautiful path of love & sharing no matter what that looks like. Shakti Tribe wishes you all so much grace & Divine blessings on the journey ahead!!