Friday, November 4, 2011

Here II Here - After 14 years, Hanging up the Microphones

Here II Here, after 14 years together, and particularly after the last 2 years spent almost entirely on the road touring across the USA & Canada, is calling it quits. What was recently termed an "indefinite sabbatical" has become, at this moment, 5 extraordinarily talented men who have decided to disband and go their separate ways.

Although the band was supported by YOU in amazing ways during all this time, from the countless dinners and homes you shared with us, bringing your friends and loved ones to concerts, buying our CDs, even your personal donations ... and so so much more, this amazing experience has nonetheless been a significant financial challenge for the band. Despite all the beauty and joy the guys spread through their performances and their simple presence, all the hearts and souls they touched, the Here II Here project had yet to become financially self-sustaining.

After 14 years of complete dedication to the sharing their delicious musical inspiration, the financial difficulties just began to weigh too much on the band's collective experience. We were getting close to breaking through to the "next level" as we had our best year ever in 2010; but the personal cost (mainly touring incessantly, uncomfortably, and for still "considerably insufficient" income) to reaching that next level just became too much for some of the guys in the band.

Also, there are different creative perspectives among these 5 extraordinary artists that have always existed. These artistic differences began emerging more strongly over the last year, exacerbated by the financial challenges.

So after careful consideration, the guys decided to give space for other possibilities to manifest by taking this indefinite break.

Yes, that means we don't know when Here II Here will come back together, if ever. Ash can't stop writing music and sharing and so is beginning his solo career ( / - I'll continue to work with Ash as his manager. The brilliant Kaz and Edwin Itoh (who produced our amazing new album) are beginning a music production company (email Alex is back with his wife and kids in Miami ~ he has a new website, and Jaime is moving forward with new artistic adventures and can be reached at

Rest assured, the guys all still love each other. This chapter comes to a wonderful close as Here II Here just released their best album yet, so appropriately titled, "Always Here".

Here II Here will continue to live online in over 80 videos (, on 3 albums in iTunes, and over (7 albums on our digital music site, as well as on other online music services and in your own music collection ... and yes, possibly even future performances together.

Wherever life take us, it's been a profound, remarkable journey with zero regrets. We are so grateful for all your love and support over the years. We've all been blessed profoundly to participate in this experience. Thank you so much. We all love you.

Kind regards,

p.s. if you feel compelled to support the band during this time of transition, donations are best right now. They are still paying off significant debts (mostly credit cards) and have monthly expenses such as website maintenance; none of the guys have yet found their footing in new income-producing experiences. With all the beauty and love They still require financial help.


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