Monday, September 26, 2011

The New Album! "Always Here" ~ Conscious Pop Dance Deliciousness ~ is Out!!

Aaaaahhhhhhh finally!!!! What a day!

The new album is out! "Always Here" ... 14 delicious songs. All scintillating and shiny with the brilliant vibrations of the hearts deepest truths! Electronic-acoustic, world-pop dance groove rhythms. It's just super : )

"Always Here" Samples by

I woke up today, all things ready to go in setting this baby loose into the world ... until I realized all things were NOT ready! How does one think of everything?

But after some last minute determined efforts to fix up some missing website data, I launched the emails that effectively sent the album into the greater consciousness of Planet Earth.

The first feedback I received was from a friend (and fan) in San Francisco.

Edith - "Completely drunken with ecstasy listening to new album! Out of this world!!! Holy Moly!"

then this one came in ...

TyAnn (Ohio) - "OMG Inner Child is absolutely amazing!! That alone was worth the wait. Choking up here, listening to it. Thank you so much guys, I love them all but this one is a hit for me!"

And they kept coming. The new album is amazing. It went out today, on a day when apparently, as I learned later at a Rumi musical poetry reading with Coleman Barks, more than 100,000 poets around the world are celebrating the gift of words.

After the album was launched - I had woken up and jumped right at it! no food, no shower, no nothing ... that's how I sent this album into the world, with morning breath and messy hair! ha!! -- so anyway, after it was launched I went to Earthdance Miami 2011!!

Held at Moksha 7th Circuit Studios in Miami, where we held our Debut CD release party over 2 years ago before a capacity crowd of about 500 people ... on the hottest day of the year, the summer solstice ... when the air conditioning failed!!! In Miami. In June. Sweeeeeeltering!

Today, I danced. And danced. And danced. Wonderful Rachel Levy and Susana with their "Prayerdanse" experience. I had dreamed about it 6 or 7 days ago. I woke up one morning, fresh from a dream in which I started to dance. But not just dance, I was dancing in complete ecstatic submission to that which commands the rose to bloom, that which holds up the moon, that which put eloquence in language (yes, all Rumi references).

I dreamed that a few days ago, and today at Earthdance Miami I lived it. And in my dancing I saw these songs from the new album bursting forth into human consciousness in service of the ever-awakening human heart.

After the dance, the global Earthdance prayer. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world embraced simultaneously in prayer for the Earth, for humanity, for all Earthlings. Ash was speaking just before this prayer, and you just never know what's gonna come through that fella (he apparently never knows, either). But I always enjoy it.

Then Rumi poetry with Coleman Barks and the brilliant percussionist Glen Velez - my first ever standing ovation for a tambourine solo ... SICK!!! - in wondrous Gusman Theater for Performing Arts in downtown Miami.

We are so blessed on this planet. So much to be grateful for; how can the human heart contain such gratitude?

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