Friday, July 1, 2011

"Transformational Entertainment is Coming For You!"

Today, I had the great pleasure to begin a journey with a group of visionary - and powerfully grounded - people in the arts & entertainment industry committed to furthering the growth of "transformational media" that aims to uplift and inspire humankind ... through the means of delicious entertainment!!

It's a group called GATE - The Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment, founded and led by John Raatz. I learned of GATE one year ago while on our West Coast tour, when I saw a youtube video of Jim Carrey introducing Eckhart Tolle at GATE's inaugural event in Century City, CA. That event, "GATE I" featured almost 1500 entertainment professionals - big-time creators, actors, directors, producers, etc. - from around the world who all came together in a moment of global recognition that the consciousness of our art and entertainment absolutely makes a difference for the world in which we live ... and I was just delighted! Jim Carrey??? Talking about Eckhart Tolle? Here's the video:

When I saw that video - I think we were in the Durango on a long drive watching our iPhones - naturally, immediately, me and the guys visioned Here II Here performing at a GATE event ... of even having Jim Carrey introduce us. Apparently, GATE's founder, John Raatz, had been hearing about Here II Here over the last few years from multiple sources, and so finally we had a chance to connect just a few weeks ago and perform for him.

So today, it was such an honor to sit amongst this group and observe the beautiful, authentic conscious conversation in which they are birthing the next event in October. I've seen the opposite countless times - visionaries and well-intentioned people using manipulative tactics and abrasive methods, running meetings or having conversations in ways that are simply incongruent with their stated mission.

My experience out here in LA - who would have ever thought? - is soooo refreshing!!

I'm meeting so many people in California that are committed to creating powerful entertainment intended to refresh and uplift humanity. And good shit, too! The beautiful folks at Elevate Films in Ojai are creating amazing content, music videos (yes, I'm lobbying them for Here II Here!), short films, film festivals, and more.

I could list dozens of new California friends, with enviable resumes and solid credentials who have made or are now making the shift to creating thoughtful, life-affirming entertainment content.

Oh man ... people out here are catching fire! As every human does in learning to allow our divine-human spirit to blaze the way!!!

Times they are a changin' my brothers and sisters!!!!

I love my new Southern California home.

Here II Here's EPK Video - "Higher Consciousness That Rocks!"

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