Tuesday, July 5, 2011

"Rolling Around in Treasure"

Kaz and I were talking today ... we drove along the beautiful Pacific Coast Highway, through a sun-drenched misty Malibu for a meeting in Ventura.

As Here II Here finishes their 2nd album while simultaneously starting an indefinite sabbatical, we've had occasion to reflect on the past 2 years the 6 of us have spent touring North America together.

Sure, we talked about the things it seems we didn't quite get "right" ... the visions we never manifested ... the goals we didn't quite reach ... the actions we never got around to taking ... various habits we decided to label "unhelpful" ... we talked about all these things in an earnest attempt to milk our wild adventure for its wisdom ... you know, to do better on the next go 'round.

But one thing we got real clear about, after our mental workout of running through this and that theory about where we actually are today (who really knows?!) and what got us here (who really knows?!) ... is that we've been rolling around in treasure.

Regardless of what we think we did or did not accomplish, in the simplest analysis of it all, the 6 of us shared the experience of traveling around the continent with our chosen beloved brothers, engaging each other in profoundly intimate conversations of awareness and remarkable human-spirit growth, performing powerful, infectious songs of rapturous love and life-affirming celebration for swooning audiences ... and laughing at most everything along the way.

Very simply, we've been rolling around in Treasure ... regardless of the income we made (or didn't).

We've been rolling around in Treasure no matter the goals we didn't achieve (till now).

We've been rolling around in Treasure no matter the things it seems we did "wrong".

We've been rolling around in Treasure no matter what happens next.

The 6 of us have been rolling around in Treasure.

It's been the adventure of a lifetime ... one whose final chapter has yet to be written. There's more to the Here II Here saga.

It's an indefinite sabbatical, not a break-up.

Like the dormant caterpillar lying peacefully still inside his cocoon, having offered himself to vast legions of imaginal cells about to begin their mystical work of re-imagining the now-dying caterpillar as a brilliant new creation, Here II Here has offered itself to the Universe's unfathomable creative forces.

We don't know what is coming. We only know that "IT" ... is ... undeniably ... coming.

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